Best Places for Photography in Malatya: Capturing Scenic Beauty

Best Places for Photography

Looking for the best spots to capture stunning photographs in Malatya? Let’s give you a detailed guide to the most photogenic locations around the city!

Places for Photography in Malatya

1. Aslantepe Hill: Historical Marvels and City Views

Aslantepe Hill offers not only ancient ruins but also panoramic views of Malatya. Capture the contrast of historical artifacts against the backdrop of the modern cityscape.

Best Places for Photography
Best Places for Photography

2. Darende Gorge: Natural Serenity and Waterfalls

Explore Darende Gorge for picturesque canyon views and cascading waterfalls. Photograph the lush greenery and pristine waters that make this spot perfect for nature photography.

3. Battalgazi Lakes: Tranquil Reflections and Birdlife

Visit Battalgazi Lakes to photograph serene waters reflecting the surrounding mountains. Capture the play of light and shadows during sunrise or sunset for breathtaking compositions.

4. Apricot Orchards in Arapgir: Seasonal Beauty and Rural Life

During the apricot season, photograph the vibrant colours of Arapgir’s apricot orchards. Focus on close-ups of ripe fruits and wide shots that showcase the rural landscape dotted with fruit trees.

5. Sultansuyu Waterfall: Majestic Cascades and Natural Pools

Head to Sultansuyu Waterfall to capture the power and beauty of cascading waters amidst lush green surroundings. Experiment with long exposure shots to emphasize the movement of water.

6. Günpınar Waterfall Park: Picnic Spots and Scenic Cascades

Photograph Günpınar Waterfall Park’s tranquil cascades and shaded picnic areas. Use a variety of angles to capture the park’s serene atmosphere and the refreshing sight of flowing water.

7. Mount Nemrut: Ancient Statues and Spectacular Sunsets

Hike up Mount Nemrut to photograph the ancient statues and panoramic views. Capture the golden hues of sunrise or sunset casting a warm glow over the colossal stone heads.

8. Akçadağ: Panoramic Views and Rural Landscapes

Drive to Akçadağ for expansive views of Malatya’s plains and distant mountains. Photograph the wide-open spaces and rural villages that dot the landscape under clear skies.

9. Historical Mosques: Architectural Details and Cultural Heritage

Explore Malatya’s historical mosques like the Ulu Mosque for intricate architectural shots. Focus on capturing details like ornate ceilings, minarets, and the interplay of light and shadow.

10. Malatya Museum: Artifacts and Archaeological Treasures

Photograph artefacts and archaeological finds at the Malatya Museum. Showcase ancient pottery, sculptures, and relics that offer insights into the region’s rich history and cultural heritage.

11. İnönü Park and Atatürk Park: Urban Green Spaces and Local Life

Capture everyday scenes at İnönü Park and Atatürk Park, focusing on locals relaxing amidst greenery. Use candid shots to document daily life and community gatherings in Malatya.

12. Apricot Festival: Cultural Celebrations and Festive Vibes

Attend the Apricot Festival to photograph cultural performances, local crafts, and festive decorations. Capture the vibrant colors and joyful atmosphere that characterize this annual event.

13. Castle Hill: City Views and Sunset Silhouettes

Hike up Castle Hill for panoramic views of Malatya and capture the city skyline at sunset. Experiment with silhouettes against the evening sky for dramatic and memorable photographs.

14. Photography Workshops: Learning and Skill Enhancement

Join photography workshops in Malatya to improve your skills and techniques. Learn from professionals while exploring new perspectives and approaches to capturing stunning images.

15. Local Markets: Colors and Textures of Everyday Life

Photograph the vibrant colours and textures of local markets like Battalgazi Bazaar. Focus on close-ups of fresh produce, spices, and handicrafts that reflect Malatya’s cultural richness.

16. Wildlife and Nature: Birds and Flora of Malatya

Capture the diversity of wildlife and flora in Malatya’s natural reserves. Use telephoto lenses to photograph birds in flight or macro lenses for detailed shots of native plants and flowers.

17. Night Photography: City Lights and Urban Landscapes

Experiment with night photography in Malatya, capturing city lights and urban landscapes after dark. Focus on long exposures to create stunning images of illuminated streets and buildings.

18. Eco-friendly Accommodations: Serenity and Sustainability

Stay at eco-friendly accommodations near Malatya’s scenic spots for sunrise and sunset photography. Capture the beauty of nature while minimizing your environmental impact.

19. Street Art and Murals: Urban Creativity and Colorful Designs

Explore Malatya’s streets for vibrant murals and street art. Document the creativity of local artists and the cultural expressions that adorn public spaces throughout the city.


In conclusion, Malatya offers a wealth of photogenic spots that cater to every photographer’s passion and style. Whether you prefer landscapes, cultural heritage, or urban scenes, you’ll find endless opportunities to capture memorable photographs in this Turkish city.

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