Best Places to Shop in Malatya

Best Places to Shop in Malatya

Looking for the best places to shop in Malatya? Let’s give you shopping destinations in the heart of Malatya! Malatya offers a variety of shopping experiences, from bustling bazaars to modern shopping centres. Whether you’re looking for traditional crafts or contemporary fashion, Malatya has something for every shopper. Here’s where you can find the best shopping spots in the city.

Exploring Places to Shop in Malatya

1. Malatya Park Shopping Mall

Located in the heart of the city, Malatya Park Shopping Mall is a hub for fashion enthusiasts and families alike. Explore a wide range of local and international brands, enjoy delicious meals at the food court, and catch the latest movies at the cinema.

Best Places to Shop in Malatya
Best Places to Shop in Malatya

2. Yeşilyurt Bazaar

Yeşilyurt Bazaar is a vibrant market known for its fresh produce, spices, and local handicrafts. Stroll through colourful stalls, sample traditional snacks, and shop for unique souvenirs to take home.

3. Trabzon Street

Trabzon Street is lined with shops offering everything from clothing and accessories to electronics and household goods. Bargain hunters will enjoy exploring the variety of stores and uncovering hidden gems.

4. İnönü Street

İnönü Street is a bustling thoroughfare known for its boutique shops and artisanal products. Discover handmade jewellery, leather goods, and traditional Turkish carpets as you wander through this historic district.

5. Arslantepe Mosaic and Handicrafts Market

Visit the Arslantepe Mosaic and Handicrafts Market to admire intricate mosaic art and shop for unique handicrafts crafted by local artisans. Perfect for picking up authentic Malatya souvenirs.

6. Sumer Park Shopping Center

Summer Park Shopping Center offers a modern shopping experience with a wide selection of stores, cafes, and entertainment options. Browse fashion boutiques, treat yourself to a spa day, or enjoy a meal with friends.

7. Darende Grand Bazaar

Darende Grand Bazaar is renowned for its traditional Turkish carpets and textiles. Explore the maze of shops, interact with skilled carpet weavers, and purchase high-quality rugs to adorn your home.

8. Malatya Modern Art Gallery and Market

Combine art and shopping at the Malatya Modern Art Gallery and Market. Browse contemporary artworks by local artists and shop for unique paintings, sculptures, and handmade crafts.

9. Malatya Cultural Center

The Malatya Cultural Center hosts a regular artisan market where you can purchase handmade pottery, ceramics, and traditional Turkish instruments. Immerse yourself in local culture while supporting talented craftsmen.

10. Historic Copper Market

Located in the old town, the Historic Copper Market showcases intricate copperware crafted by skilled artisans. Admire ornate tea sets, trays, and decorative items, and purchase authentic Turkish copper souvenirs.

11. Malatya Arcade

Malatya Arcade is a favourite among locals for its variety of shops selling clothing, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices. Explore the arcade for great deals and trendy fashion finds.

12. Malatya City Center

Malatya City Center is a bustling hub with shops catering to diverse tastes. From traditional Turkish sweets to modern electronics, you’ll find everything you need in this vibrant shopping district.

13. Kaleiçi Bazaar

Step into history at Kaleiçi Bazaar, nestled within the ancient city walls. Discover antiques, vintage items, and handmade crafts while soaking in the ambience of Malatya’s rich cultural heritage.

14. Cevat Şakir Street

Cevat Şakir Street is famous for its artisanal workshops and boutique shops. Explore galleries showcasing local artwork, shop for handmade jewellery, and enjoy a stroll through this charming neighbourhood.

15. Malatya Traditional Market

Experience the flavours of Malatya at the Traditional Market, where local farmers and vendors sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade delicacies. Sample regional specialities and purchase organic produce.

16. Yenişehir Shopping District

Yenişehir Shopping District is a modern area with upscale boutiques and international brands. Indulge in luxury shopping, dine at gourmet restaurants, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this upscale neighbourhood.

17. Günpa Shopping Center

Günpa Shopping Center is a family-friendly destination offering entertainment options alongside retail therapy. Enjoy bowling, arcade games, and a wide range of shops catering to all ages and interests.

18. Sokak Cadde

Sokak Cadde, meaning Street Avenue, is a hidden gem known for its cozy cafes, artisanal shops, and intimate boutiques. Discover unique gifts, handcrafted items, and trendy fashion pieces off the beaten path.

19. Eski Cami Bazaar

Eski Cami Bazaar is a traditional market near the Old Mosque, where you can browse handmade carpets, local textiles, and authentic Turkish artifacts. Immerse yourself in Malatya’s cultural heritage as you shop.

20. Malatya Jewelry Market

Explore Malatya’s Jewelry Market for exquisite pieces crafted from gold, silver, and semi-precious stones. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or treating yourself, you’ll find timeless treasures here.


In conclusion, Malatya offers a diverse shopping experience that blends traditional markets with modern shopping centres. Whether you’re hunting for bargains in bustling bazaars or indulging in luxury shopping, Malatya’s shopping scene has something for everyone.

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