Best Restaurants for Traditional Malatya Dishes

Looking for where to savour authentic traditional Malatya dishes? Let’s give you a delicious tour of the top restaurants in Malatya where you can enjoy local culinary delights.

Exploring Malatya’s Culinary Scene

Malatya, nestled in Eastern Turkey, boasts a rich culinary heritage celebrated for its unique traditional Malatya dishes. Discover the best spots to experience these flavours firsthand.

1. Şire Hanım Konağı

Located in the heart of Malatya, Şire Hanım Konağı offers a cozy setting to indulge in traditional Malatya cuisine. From stuffed eggplants to various kebabs, this restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

2. Güneş Lokantası

Known for its homely ambiance and hearty dishes, Güneş Lokantası serves up a range of traditional Malatya dishes. Don’t miss their speciality lamb stews and homemade bread, showcasing authentic local flavors.

3. Malatya Pide Salonu

For a taste of Malatya’s renowned pide (Turkish pizza), head to Malatya Pide Salonu. Enjoy freshly baked pide topped with local ingredients, a must-try in the city’s culinary landscape.

4. Hacıbaba Restaurant

With a focus on farm-to-table dining, Hacıbaba Restaurant offers a menu highlighting seasonal produce and traditional recipes. Sample their grilled meats and vegetable dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

5. Mutfak Durağı

Mutfak Durağı is celebrated for its extensive menu featuring a variety of traditional Malatya dishes. From savory stews to delicately spiced rice pilafs, every dish reflects the region’s culinary diversity.

6. Beydilli Lokantası

Beydilli Lokantası is renowned for its authentic Malatya breakfast spreads and flavorful lunch offerings. Indulge in dishes like çılbır (poached eggs with yogurt) or beyran (spicy lamb soup), a true taste of local cuisine.

7. Malatya Sofrası

For a dining experience reminiscent of home-cooked meals, Malatya Sofrası offers a warm atmosphere and a menu filled with traditional Malatya dishes. Try their lentil soups and meatball platters for a satisfying meal.

8. Kervan Kebap Salonu

Specializing in kebabs prepared with precision and care, Kervan Kebap Salonu is a favorite among meat enthusiasts. Enjoy their charcoal-grilled skewers paired with fresh salads and traditional side dishes.

9. Köfteci İsmail

A local gem known for its flavorful köfte (meatballs), Köfteci İsmail offers a casual dining experience with a focus on quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Don’t miss their signature köfte platters.

10. Sultanahmet Konağı

Sultanahmet Konağı combines elegance with a taste of Malatya’s culinary traditions. Indulge in their meze platters, grilled seafood, and regional desserts, accompanied by warm hospitality.

Sampling Traditional Malatya Desserts

No culinary journey in Malatya is complete without trying the region’s delectable desserts. From apricot-based sweets to baklava, explore the sweet side of traditional Malatya dishes.


Exploring Malatya’s best restaurants for traditional Malatya dishes offers not only a gastronomic adventure but also a glimpse into the region’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a traveler seeking authentic flavors, these dining spots promise a memorable experience.


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