Sports Events and Competitions in Malatya

Sports Events and Competitions

Malatya, a city in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, boasts a dynamic and thriving sports culture that encompasses a wide range of events and competitions. From traditional Turkish sports to modern athletic pursuits, Malatya offers numerous opportunities for athletes and sports enthusiasts to engage in competitive and recreational activities. This article highlights some of the key sports events and competitions in Malatya, showcasing the city’s commitment to promoting athletic excellence and fostering community spirit.


Yeni Malatyaspor

Football is the most popular sport in Malatya, and the city’s pride is its professional football club, Yeni Malatyaspor. Competing in the Turkish Super Lig, Yeni Malatyaspor has a dedicated fan base and plays its home matches at the Malatya Arena. The stadium regularly hosts thrilling matches that draw large crowds, creating an electric atmosphere that showcases the passion for football in the city.

Local Football Leagues

In addition to professional football, Malatya has a vibrant local football scene with numerous amateur leagues and youth academies. These leagues provide a platform for young talents to develop their skills and compete in organized competitions. Local tournaments and matches are held throughout the year, fostering a sense of community and encouraging sportsmanship.


Malatya International Marathon

The Malatya International Marathon is one of the city’s premier athletic events, attracting runners from across Turkey and around the world. This annual marathon features various race categories, including a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5K races, making it accessible to runners of all levels. The event not only promotes physical fitness but also highlights Malatya’s scenic routes and cultural landmarks, offering participants a unique running experience.

Track and Field Competitions

Malatya is also home to several track and field competitions that showcase the talents of local and regional athletes. Events are held at various sports facilities, including the Malatya Athletics Stadium, where athletes compete in disciplines such as sprinting, long-distance running, jumping, and throwing. These competitions play a crucial role in identifying and nurturing athletic talent in the region.


Traditional Oil Wrestling

Traditional oil wrestling, or Yağlı Güreş, is a celebrated sport in Malatya with deep cultural roots. This ancient form of wrestling, where competitors are doused in olive oil, is a highlight of local festivals and cultural events. The annual Malatya Oil Wrestling Festival attracts wrestlers from all over Turkey, who compete for the coveted title of Başpehlivan (chief wrestler). The event is a vibrant celebration of tradition, strength, and skill.

Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

Apart from traditional oil wrestling, Malatya also has a strong presence in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Local clubs and sports schools train young wrestlers, who participate in regional and national competitions. Malatya’s wrestlers have achieved notable success in these disciplines, contributing to Turkey’s rich wrestling heritage.

Basketball and Volleyball

Malatya Büyükşehir Belediyespor

Basketball and volleyball are also popular sports in Malatya, with the city’s clubs and teams competing in various leagues and tournaments. Malatya Büyükşehir Belediyespor, the city’s municipal sports club, fields competitive basketball and volleyball teams that participate in regional and national competitions. The club’s facilities and training programs support the development of athletes in these sports.

School and University Competitions

School and university competitions play a significant role in promoting basketball and volleyball among Malatya’s youth. Regular inter-school and inter-university tournaments provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. These events are crucial for identifying promising talent and fostering a love for sports among young people.


Malatya Auto Cross and Rally

Motorsports enthusiasts in Malatya enjoy events such as auto cross and rally racing. The Malatya Auto Cross and Rally, held annually, attracts drivers and spectators from across the region. The event features challenging courses that test the skill and endurance of participants, offering thrilling experiences for both competitors and fans.

Sports Events and Competitions
Sports Events and Competitions

Karting and Motorcycle Racing

In addition to auto cross and rally racing, Malatya has facilities for karting and motorcycle racing. Local clubs organize regular competitions and training sessions, providing motorsports enthusiasts with opportunities to engage in their favorite activities and improve their racing skills.

Other Sports Events

Cycling Races

Cycling is gaining popularity in Malatya, with the city hosting various races and cycling tours. The Malatya Cycling Tour is a prominent event that attracts cyclists of all levels. The tour covers scenic routes and challenging terrains, promoting the sport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Martial Arts Tournaments

Malatya also hosts martial arts tournaments, including karate, judo, and taekwondo competitions. These events bring together martial artists from different regions, providing a platform for them to demonstrate their skills and compete at a high level. Local dojos and sports clubs play an essential role in training and preparing athletes for these tournaments.


Malatya’s diverse range of sports events and competitions reflects the city’s rich sporting culture and community spirit. From football and athletics to traditional wrestling and motorsports, Malatya offers numerous opportunities for athletes and sports enthusiasts to engage in competitive and recreational activities. These events not only promote physical fitness and sportsmanship but also bring the community together, celebrating the shared passion for sports in this vibrant city.

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