Top Festivals and Events in Malatya You Can’t Miss

Top Festivals and Events in Malatya You Can’t Miss

Malatya, a city rich in cultural heritage and traditions, hosts a variety of vibrant festivals and events throughout the year. These celebrations showcase the region’s history, agriculture, and local customs, offering visitors a unique insight into Malatya’s vibrant community spirit. Here are some of the top festivals and events in Malatya that you shouldn’t miss:

1. International Apricot Festival (Ulusal Kayısı Festivali)

Description: The International Apricot Festival is one of the most iconic events in Malatya, celebrating the city’s status as the world’s largest producer of apricots. The festival showcases various apricot-related products, cultural performances, and culinary delights.


  • Apricot Exhibitions: Explore exhibitions featuring different varieties of apricots and apricot-based products.
  • Cultural Performances: Enjoy traditional music, dance performances, and folkloric shows that highlight Malatya’s cultural heritage.
  • Cooking Competitions: Watch or participate in cooking competitions where local chefs demonstrate their apricot-inspired culinary skills.

When: Usually held in July

2. Malatya International Film Festival (Malatya Uluslararası Film Festivali)

Description: The Malatya International Film Festival is a prestigious event that showcases a diverse selection of national and international films. The festival aims to promote cultural exchange and appreciation of cinema.


  • Film Screenings: Watch a wide range of films, including feature films, documentaries, and short films from around the world.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Participate in workshops, seminars, and panel discussions with filmmakers and industry professionals.
  • Awards Ceremony: Attend the closing ceremony to celebrate the best films and filmmakers of the festival.
Top Festivals and Events in Malatya You Can’t Miss
Top Festivals and Events in Malatya You Can’t Miss

When: Usually held in November

3. Malatya Cherry Festival (Malatya Kiraz Festivali)

Description: The Malatya Cherry Festival celebrates the harvest of cherries, another significant agricultural product of the region. The festival features cherry-themed events, cultural activities, and entertainment for all ages.


  • Cherry Tasting: Sample different varieties of cherries and cherry-based products, including jams, desserts, and beverages.
  • Cultural Shows: Enjoy traditional music and dance performances showcasing local folklore and traditions.
  • Cherry Picking: Participate in cherry picking activities at nearby orchards.

When: Usually held in June

4. Malatya International Gastronomy Festival (Malatya Uluslararası Gastronomi Festivali)

Description: The Malatya International Gastronomy Festival celebrates the diverse culinary traditions of Malatya and Turkey. It brings together chefs, food enthusiasts, and visitors to experience a feast of flavors and cultural exchange.


  • Food Stalls: Explore stalls offering a wide variety of traditional and modern Turkish dishes, as well as international cuisine.
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Watch renowned chefs demonstrate cooking techniques and share their culinary secrets.
  • Food Competitions: Participate in or watch competitions showcasing local specialties and innovative dishes.

When: Dates may vary; typically held in summer or early autumn

5. Malatya International Folk Dance Festival (Malatya Uluslararası Halk Dansları Festivali)

Description: The Malatya International Folk Dance Festival is a celebration of traditional dance and music from around the world. Dance troupes from various countries come together to perform and share their cultural heritage.


  • Folk Dance Performances: Watch colorful and dynamic performances by international dance groups.
  • Workshops: Participate in dance workshops where visitors can learn traditional dance styles and techniques.
  • Parade: Enjoy a festive parade through the streets of Malatya, showcasing costumes and dances from different cultures.

When: Dates may vary; check local listings for specific dates

6. Malatya Kudret International Theater Festival (Malatya Kudret Uluslararası Tiyatro Festivali)

Description: The Malatya Kudret International Theater Festival is dedicated to showcasing theater productions from Turkey and around the world. It aims to promote cultural exchange and appreciation of theatrical arts.


  • Theater Performances: Attend performances of plays and theatrical productions by local and international theater companies.
  • Workshops and Discussions: Participate in workshops, discussions, and masterclasses with theater professionals.
  • Street Performances: Enjoy outdoor performances and interactive theater experiences in various locations across Malatya.

When: Dates may vary; typically held in spring or autumn


Malatya’s festivals and events offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s culture, traditions, and community spirit. Whether you’re passionate about apricots, cinema, gastronomy, or folk dance, there’s a festival in Malatya that will capture your interest and leave you with unforgettable memories. Plan your visit around one of these vibrant celebrations to experience the best of what Malatya has to offer.

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