Ways to Experience Winter in Malatya

Looking for ways to experience winter in Malatya? Let’s give you a detailed guide on how to enjoy the cold season in this picturesque Turkish province.

Tips to Experience Winter in Malatya

Enjoy Scenic Snowfall at Mount Nemrut

Witnessing snow-covered Mount Nemrut is a breathtaking experience during winter. The ancient statues and majestic landscapes transform into a winter wonderland, perfect for photography and sightseeing.

A man Experiencing Winter in Malatya
Ways to Experience Winter in Malatya

Explore Historical Sites in a Tranquil Winter Ambiance

Winter offers a unique opportunity to explore Malatya’s historical sites in a serene atmosphere. Places like Aslantepe Hill and Arapgir Castle reveal their ancient beauty amidst a blanket of snow, ideal for history buffs and photographers.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Akcadag Ski Center

Akcadag Ski Center is the go-to destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Located near Malatya, it offers slopes suitable for skiing and snowboarding, making it a thrilling spot for adventure seekers.

Relax in Natural Hot Springs

Winter is the perfect time to unwind in Malatya’s natural hot springs, such as Hamamli Thermal Springs. The warm waters amidst the cold weather provide a soothing experience, rejuvenating both body and mind.

Taste Traditional Winter Delicacies

Indulge in Malatya’s winter culinary delights, such as homemade soups, kebabs, and desserts like Kayısı Tatlısı (apricot dessert). These dishes warm the soul and offer a taste of local winter traditions.

Attend Winter Festivals and Events

Malatya hosts various winter festivals and cultural events that showcase local music, dance, and traditions. These festivities bring warmth and joy to the cold season, offering a cultural immersion for visitors.

Birdwatching at Firat Nehri Kiyisi

Winter birdwatching along the banks of the Euphrates River at Firat Nehri Kiyisi offers a unique glimpse into the region’s avian diversity. Spot migratory birds and enjoy the peaceful riverside scenery.

Visit Malatya’s Museums and Galleries

Explore Malatya’s museums and art galleries during winter, when indoor activities become more appealing. The Malatya Museum and local art exhibitions provide insights into the province’s rich cultural heritage.

Capture Sunset Views from Yesilce Kent Ormani

Yesilce Kent Ormani, Malatya’s urban forest, offers stunning sunset views during winter. Take a stroll through the snow-dusted trails and capture memorable moments amidst nature.

Experience Local Markets and Bazaars

Winter is a great time to visit Malatya’s bustling markets and bazaars, such as the Malatya Pazari. Sample fresh produce, spices, and handicrafts while experiencing the vibrant local culture.

Enjoy Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides

Experience the charm of winter with horse-drawn sleigh rides in Malatya’s countryside. This traditional mode of transport allows you to admire the snowy landscapes and enjoy a cozy adventure.

Participate in Outdoor Ice Skating

During winter, outdoor ice skating rinks pop up in Malatya’s parks and public spaces. Join locals and tourists alike in gliding across the ice, creating cherished winter memories.

Relax by the Fireplace at Mountain Retreats

Escape the winter chill by cozying up next to a fireplace at mountain retreats near Malatya. These retreats offer comfort, tranquillity, and panoramic views of snow-covered landscapes.

Explore Malatya’s Underground Cities

Winter is an ideal time to explore Malatya’s underground cities, such as the historical sites near Darende. These ancient marvels provide shelter from the cold while offering insights into local history.

Photograph Frosty Landscapes at Beydagi Tabiat Parki

Beydagi Tabiat Parki, nestled on Mount Bey, offers picturesque winter scenes ideal for photography enthusiasts. Capture frosty landscapes, ancient rock formations, and panoramic views.

Go Hiking in Snowy Forests

Winter hiking trails in Malatya’s forests, such as Altinova Yaylasi Tabiat Parki, offer a tranquil escape surrounded by snow-covered trees and peaceful natural beauty.

Attend Traditional Winter Celebrations

Participate in traditional winter celebrations in Malatya’s villages, where local customs and rituals are observed during the colder months. These festivities provide a glimpse into rural life and community spirit.

Learn About Malatya’s Winter Wildlife

Winter is a fascinating time to observe Malatya’s wildlife, from snow-loving mammals to resilient birds. Visit wildlife conservation areas like Akcadag Yaban Hayati Koruma Alani for wildlife spotting opportunities.


Embracing winter in Malatya offers a myriad of experiences, from scenic snowfall at Mount Nemrut to indulging in traditional winter delicacies and attending vibrant festivals. Whether you prefer outdoor adventures like skiing and hiking or relaxing indoor activities such as visiting museums and enjoying spa treatments, Malatya has something to offer every winter enthusiast.

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